Connecting Your Wallet.

1. In order to start trading, you’ll need to connect a cold wallet supported by Ropsten TestNet. Currently, 3 types of wallets are supported: MetaMask, Formatic, and Coinbase. If you don’t have one of these wallets, you can quickly set them up using the links provided. 

2. Within your wallet, generate your TestNet address and generate TestNet ETH from one of the following faucets: Ropsten or Metamask.  

3. Having created your wallet and TestNet ETH, add your wallet on the terminal by clicking the ‘Add Wallet’ button (you can find this on the terminal homepage or within the sidebar).

4. Choose a blockchain that supports your wallet (we’re using Ethereum for the TestNet).

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5. Select one of the supported wallets currently holding your Test ETH.

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If using MetaMask:

Select MetaMask. Press "Connect" on the MetaMask popup window.

This provides the terminal access to only necessary information about your wallet like the address, balance, etc.

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If using Fortmatic:

Select Fortmatic. Press "Connect" on the Fortmatic popup window.

Enter your login/password into the Formatic popup. Click to allow Orion to connect to your Fortmatic wallet.

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If using Coinbase:

Select Coinbase. Press "Connect" on the Coinbase popup window.

Connect your Coinbase wallet using the QR code and Coinbase app (select Ropsten within Advanced Network in the app).

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Depositing Funds to Orion Smart Contract.

1. Click the “Dashboard" button below the "Home" button on the side bar menu to go to your Dashboard page and check your balances.

2. Here, you’ll see the list of tokens available for trading, your wallet and contract balances, and asset distribution in your Portfolio.

3. Next to every token you can see “Deposit” and “Withdraw” buttons that you will use to transfer funds to and from your wallet. When clicking “Deposit”, a popup window with "Amount" is shown.

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4. After clicking Deposit, you’ll be required to sign a deposit transaction by one of the following methods depending on the connected Wallet.

If using MetaMask:

If using Fortmatic:

If using Coinbase:

Note: if you deposit ETH you need to sign 1 transaction, while depositing any other ERC20 tokens you have to sign 2 transactions: the first allows smart contract to use the specified amount of token, the second one allows the smart contract deposit method.

5. You can always check your Deposit/Withdrawal history - go to the "Transaction History" page by clicking "History" button on the sidebar.


Start Trading.

After depositing funds to Orion’s smart contract, you can start trading.

1. First, click on the dropdown menu on the top left to select the trading pair. Currently, ETH/BTC is the default trading pair selected. You can mark pairs as "Favorite" with the star icon to have fast access to them.

2. After the deposit process in Step 2, you should have an "Available" balance on the Buy or Sell tab. In the field labeled “Amount,” type in the number of tokens you want to Buy/Sell.

To sell:

Select Limit Order or Market Order.

Limit Order: enter in the field labeled “Price” the minimum price you are willing to accept.

Market Order: executed by the best price that exists on the market to fill the required amount immediately.


To buy:

Select Limit Order or Market Order.

Limit Order: enter in the field labeled “Price” the maximum price you are willing to pay.

Market Order: executed by the best price that exists on the market to fill the required amount immediately.

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3. Click the Buy/Sell button at the bottom of the Order section to create your order. You will be required to sign the order message via private key from your Wallet.

4. After the order is successfully signed it will be submitted to Orion’s order matching engine for subsequent processing and execution. This always searches for the best possible conditions on the market among all connected exchanges, while never providing a worse alternative to that specified in the signed order request message.

5. Your order will immediately appear in the Order History table. You can expand the order details by clicking on the corresponding row to watch its execution process, status, parameters, and the exchange/exchanges it was routed to.

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6. Once the order is "Filled", you can watch your balance of assets used in the order change: either having increased the tokens you wanted to buy or decreased sold assets. You can also check your changed Portfolio on the Dashboard page.


Withdraw funds.

You can withdraw your available funds from the Orion smart contract at any time you want.

1. Go to the Dashboard and click "Withdraw" next to the token(s) where you have available "Contract" balances. A popup window to enter the required amount appears.

2. After clicking "Withdraw" you'll be asked to sign the withdraw transaction with the private key from your cold wallet.

3. In 15-30 seconds (depending on the network load) you will see your withdrawn assets within the "wallet" balance of your cold wallet, fully available for subsequent operations.

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Note: to see the balance of any ERC20 tokens within MetaMask, you first need to add custom tokens. Here are the Ropsten addresses of tokens currently available for trading on Orion:

  • BTC: 0x335123EB7029030805864805fC95f1AB16A64D61
  • UTC: 0xfC1CD13A7f126eFD823E373C4086F69beB8611C2
  • XRP: 0x15a3Eb660823e0a3eF4D4A86EEC0d66f405Db515

4. Remember, you can always check your Deposit/Withdrawal history - go to "Transaction History" page by clicking the "History" button on the sidebar.

It's time to enter Orbit.

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