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The Only Trading Terminal You Need.

Endless liquidity.

One platform.

Zero risk.


Orion Terminal seamlessly aggregates bottomless liquidity from major exchanges, centralized + decentralized: providing rich trading tools in one easy to use platform. Powered by ORN.

We're here to help you save your time, money, and assets.

Access the entire crypto market on one platform, without ever giving up your private keys.

Don't waste time exchange hopping.
Don't waste time exchange hopping.
Access the liquidity of the entire crypto market on one decentralized platform. Access the liquidity of centralized exchanges, decentralized exchanges, and swapping pools in one place. 
Don’t give up control of your private keys.
Don’t give up control of your private keys.
Your key, your control: access bottomless liquidity without ever giving up your private keys. Simply connect your wallet and execute your order across any major exchange - even those you don’t have accounts with. 
Don't buy or sell unless you're getting the best price.
Don't buy or sell unless you're getting the best price.
Buy or sell your assets at the best price, every time. Orion aggregates all major exchange liquidity into one seamlessly aggregated order book to give you the best price possible.
Don't waste money on high trading fees and slippage.
Don't waste money on high trading fees and slippage.
Best prices, lowest fees, zero spread. By aggregating every exchanges' order book, Orion provides the best prices and lowest fees in market with almost zero spread - and zero slippage.
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We don’t compete with exchanges: we aggregate them.

Instead of competing with exchanges and swapping pools, we unite their order books into one easy-to-use terminal, giving you access to the entire crypto market in one place.

No account? No problem. Trade across all major exchanges without the need to ever open an account again. Simply connect your wallet and execute your order, without ever giving up your assets.

We don't compete, we complete.

Are you making intelligent trades?


Embedded within the terminal are intuitive tools that provide you with all of the news, market analysis, and trading signals in real- time to conduct successful trades.


Orion Terminal always searches for the best prices on the market, allowing you to carry out arbitrage opportunities without the need for accounts on multiple exchanges.


Transact large quantities of assets strategically on the terminal without the associated risks, allowing you to preserve token price without the risk of tanking the market.


No one has solved liquidity, custody, accessibility, and scalability in one platform.

Until now.

Insufficient liquidity.
Insufficient liquidity.
The decentralized liquidity aggregators in market pull from decentralized exchanges only, leaving out a major source of liquidity. Access the liquidity of every exchange on Orion.
Few non-custodial solutions.
Few non-custodial solutions.
The liquidity aggregators that do pull from centralized exchanges are themselves centralized, custodial solutions. Never give up custody of your assets with Orion.
Lack of accessibility.
Lack of accessibility.
Most decentralized aggregators carry ERC20 tokens only, while those that are multi-chain are custodial and not decentralized. Find every trading pair you'll need on Orion.
Unscalable solutions.
Unscalable solutions.
Swapping protocols have become popular, yet the pools are often not large enough to sustain increasing demand, leaving token price susceptible to manipulation. Trade risk-free on Orion.



Orion Terminal is chain-agnostic.

As a decentralized gateway to the digital asset market, Orion Protocol has, and always will be, chain-agnostic. While many multi-chain aggregators require end-users to select the separate chains and trade on the tokens available on that chain, the multiple chains integrated into Orion Terminal remain in the back-end for a seamless user experience. Upon launch, Orion Terminal will be on Ethereum and Binance, with more chains to be announced imminently. 



Orion Terminal launched phase one of Main Net on the Ethereum blockchain. Since then, Orion has integrated and is in the process of integrating other chains compatible with the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) for scalability, accessibility, and interoperability across multiple chains.



Orion’s expansion to BSC promises to halve wait times for off-chain order execution and on-chain order settlement. Transactions on BSC can cost 135x less than they currently cost on Ethereum, making commissions for deposits, withdrawals, order execution, etc. on the terminal negligible.



Orion’s integration of Avalanche will significantly increase performance, reliability, and security across its Terminal to provide the best possible user experience for traders. The integration will also enable Orion Terminal users to tap into the growing roster of dApps and new financial primitives on Avalanche.



The Elrond blockchain can process more than 100,000 transactions per second, with a 5 second latency, with almost 100x less transaction cost than the Ethereum network. Elrond’s high throughput characteristics combined with Orion’s high-performance matching engine is the perfect combination of technologies. 

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The implementation of HECO chain into will bring high performance, low gas fees, and enhanced cross-chain user experience to Orion Terminal. For Orion Terminal users, this will result in low transaction costs, low transaction delay, high transaction concurrency, and cross-chain asset transfers.

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Orion’s Protocol integration with Polkadot via Moonbeam gives them immediate access to the many integrations already integrated, including projects in the DeFi and NFT space, while opening the doors for Orion to access other assets on Polkadot’s fast-paced, growing ecosystem

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Orion's partnership with IOHK means Orion becomes the first liquidity aggregator to the Cardano blockchain. Integrating Cardano blockchain’s infrastructure will play a significant role in enabling far greater interoperability, scalability, and performance of the protocol and each solution.

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Fantom is a fast, high-throughput open-source smart contract platform for digital assets and dApps, while Fantom’s aBFT consensus protocol delivers unparalleled speed, security, and reliability. Integrating Fantom into the protocol enables almost instant transfers and extremely low fees