Orion Protocol is proud to announce BitMax as its inaugural broker on the Orion network - the first in a series of partnerships with major exchanges, OTC desks, and market-makers ahead of Orion's Main Net in Q4.

BitMax is joining Orion as both a broker and advisor. The BitMax team brings a wealth of experience in money markets and trading across crypto and traditional finance, with considerable experience in crypto since then. This partnership aims to help Orion navigate and further expand into the crypto landscape.




KuCoin has joined as a founding broker on the Orion Network: providing additional revenue through transaction fees while offering a decentralized solution to their centralized order books. The exchange will monetize idle assets while serving as a premier liquidity provider for Orion.

KuCoin will enrich the Orion ecosystem with increased liquidity for spot and margin trading, leveraged ETF and contract trading services, as well bringing as a large and hugely valuable community for PoS staking services. 




Leading digital-asset trading platform MXC joins the likes of BitMax, KuCoin, AcheronTrading, and Eureka Trading as a founding broker on the Orion network.

This mutually beneficial partnership brings immense value to Orion users: as a broker, MXC will enrich the Orion ecosystem with increased liquidity, as well as a large and valuable community for PoS staking services. Meanwhile, joining as a broker will enable MXC to monetize idle assets and offer a decentralized solution to their centralized orderbooks.



Orion Protocol is proud to announce our strategic partnership with Elrond, to make use of Elrond’s blockchain interoperability features on the Orion platform. By integrating Orion’s trading capabilities with Elrond’s high throughput and fast finality infrastructure, users can access different crypto assets with the liquidity of centralized and decentralized exchanges, making it possible for real world high frequency trading in a completely decentralized way.




AllianceBlock and Orion Protocol announce an industry-first integration aimed at offering traditional finance entities a singular, compliant, and non-custodial gateway to the entire crypto market - accelerating blockchain’s mainstream adoption. 

The partnership between AllianceBlock and Orion Protocol presents an industry-changing opportunity to offer secure, compliant, non-custodial, and streamlined crypto trading to a multitude of traditional finance entities, including private banks, wealth managers, and funds.



Orion Protocol is proud to announce our partnership with, joining  efforts to provide access to centralized liquidity in a decentralized way, optimizing any off-chain centralized order books to be completely trustless and decentralized. Using’s fast and cross chain storage, both on files and database entries, Orion Protocol will be able to provide users with state of the art technology.

Orion Protocol’s financial activity stored on will benefit from’s secured, fully auditable, and trustless infrastructure. 



Orion is pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Holo. Orion will become a full member of the Holo and Holochain Ecosystem, improving DeFi adoption as a whole.

Holochain provides the underlying cryptographic fabric to maintain data integrity across unlimited peers without requiring consensus. Also, Holochain enables scalable double-entry crypto-accounting to build new generations of asset-backed and value-stable cryptocurrencies. A Holochain innovative mutual credit accounting system allows the implementation of Orion’s accounting and settlement modules in a transparent, efficient, and secure manner.




Orion and CertiK have a strategic partnership to increase the security and integrity of Orion and future DeFi platforms and products. CertiK will audit not only smart contracts for Orion, but also core modules on our platform. Any open-source software running on brokers’ local computers will be fully audited and certified by CertiK so customers can be absolutely certain that their funds are safe and secure.

Additionally, Orion and CertiK will work together to create an automatic safety verification tool for 3rd party products such as protocol components and exchange connectors. Once complete, this solution will greatly speed up the on-boarding of new exchanges and projects on Orion.



We are proud to announce that Wanchain is entering a strategic partnership with Orion Protocol to use Wanchain’s public blockchain as an atomic swaps solution, a process which is essential for Orion decentralized trading. Wanchain supports smart contracts written in Solidity, privacy protection and decentralized cross-chain functionality.

It is essential for Orion and Wanchain to establish and maintain a mutually beneficial partnership. Orion will be able to use Wanchain’s PoS as a staking mechanism for Orion’s shared liquidity pool of brokers, providers, and market makers that fulfil orders on a trader’s behalf. This mechanism will enable a fair model for distributing orders from users to different participants of the pool.



We’ve joined the ranks of MakerDAO, Celsius, and Swissborg to become a founding member of WeWork’s Blockchain Labs incubator. Launched to power the next generation of FinTech + Blockchain companies, it supports early innovators across the ecosystem, including companies using DLT through finance, supply chain, ecommerce and similar verticals.

This partnership provides us access to FinTech & Blockchain focused entrepreneurs, industry experts, and investors, including: Tezos, Binance X, Pantera Capital, ConsenSys, Accenture, IBM Blockchain Ventures, MakerDAO, and Multiplied. This partnership adds priceless connections, mentorship, and support that will prove essential to our success.




We’ve joined a combined initiative led by Eterna Capital, Borderless Capital, and Algorand to accelerate the trajectory of startups creating valuable solutions spanning finance, exchange, custody, and more. The first venture studio for developers and entrepreneurs working with Algorand, Eterna Capital, and Borderless Capital will provide an array of tools and resources for creating dApps.

Those selected receive up to $100K in capital from VC firms Borderless Capital and Eterna Capital. In addition to this, the flagship VC fund of Borderless Capital can enter into follow-on investment of up to $2M for those companies that emerge as category leading businesses.