Orion Pool

Orion Pool is fully integrated into the Terminal, allowing traders a single UI for trading, swapping, staking, and governance voting. Orion routes all swap orders to the liquidity source with the best price: orders can even be split across multiple exchanges and liquidity sources to achieve the best possible price.

Use Orion Pool here.

How to migrate your Ethereum pooled assets over to Binance Smart Chain on Orion Terminal.


** Please note: initially, an amount of BNB must be present in your wallet for the migration to successfully complete. Please make sure you have an adequate amount of BNB in there before commencing the migration.

Step One: Connect your wallet

1. Connect your wallet to Orion Terminal and select the Ethereum network.

Step Two: Pools

1. On the left panel, click the ‘Pools’ icon. 

ETH to BSC Pic 1

2. From here, click the ‘Migrate to BSC’

3. Then, click the
'Migrate' button.

A MetaMask notification will pop up. This will require you to click the Confirm button.

Wait for your transaction to go through (it can take up to a minute).

Step Three: Switching Network

1. Once the migration is complete, click ‘Change Network’.

2. A MetaMask prompt will pop up. Click ‘Switch network’.

3. You will then see a ‘Redeem’ button, which you need to click to get your tokens on BSC.

4. A MetaMask prompt will pop up. Click ‘confirm’ (This will require a small gas fee), then wait a moment.

Step Four: Adding Liquidity

1. Once the page has loaded, a ‘Congratulations’ page will appear, from there, click the ‘Add Liquidity’ button.

2. Once you have clicked ‘Add liquidity’ and entered the next page, this is where you will be able to decide how much liquidity you’d like to add to your chosen pair. Once you have typed in your amount, click ‘Supply’.

3. A MetaMask prompt will pop up; click ‘Confirm’. A small gas fee will be required, except this time, it is paid in BNB as the destination chain is Binance Smart Chain. 

Once your transaction has been completed, you have successfully migrated to BSC.