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The guides below cover several Orion subjects to give you an easier and more efficient way of interacting with our products. It ensures you have good knowledge of the process you would like to take part in.


Key Areas

  • Connect Wallets: Covering the basics on setting up your wallet for use on Orion Terminal.
  • How to Trade: Taking you through carrying out a trade, easily and efficiently.
  • New Chains in your Wallet: New chains in your wallet means more access. Find out how in this guide.
  • How to Stake: How to stake and vote with your ORN.

How to Set Up Liquidity on Orion Pool

How to add liquidity for your pair on Orion Terminal

How to add liquidity for your pair on Orion Pool.

Learn how to connect your wallet and trade on Orion Terminal.

Connect Wallets

How to Connect your wallet on Orion Terminal-1

Connect your wallet to trade on Orion.

Learn how to connect your wallet and trade on Orion Terminal.

How to Set Up New Chains in Your Wallet

How to set up BSC in MM Thumbnail

How to connect MetaMask to BSC, add the ORN contract.

Add BSC to your MetaMask, set up the ORN contract.

How to use Orion Bridge on Orion Thumbnail

How to use Orion Bridge on Orion Terminal.

Orion Bridge is the first truly decentralized cross-chain atomic swap bridge. L1-to-L1.

How to Trade

How to trade on Orion Terminal-3

Learn How to Trade on Orion Terminal.

Discover how to trade on Orion Terminal.

How to Stake

How to Stake LP Thumbnail

How to Stake as a Liquidity Provider Using Orion Terminal.

Find out how to provide multi-asset staking as a Liquidity Provider on Orion Pool. 

How to Stake Governance Thumbnail

How to Stake as a Governance Staker using Orion Terminal.

Follow along for how to stake your ORN as a Governance Staker for 'Simple Staking'.

How to Stake with a ledger Thumbnail

How to Governance Stake with a Ledger device using Orion Terminal.

Increase safety of your assets by staking with your Ledger device on Orion Pool.

How to Migrate Liquidtiy Thumbnail

How to Migrate Liquidity | Orion Liquidity Mining to Orion Pool.

View how to migrate your assets over from the previous Liquidity Mining to Orion Pool.

How to migrate liquidity ETH to BSC THUMBNAIL

How to Migrate ETH Pools to BSC on Orion Pool.

Find migrate your ETH pools to BSC on Orion Pool.







Questions? We have answers:

Orion Pool FAQs

Are there any lock-in periods?

There are no time locks in staking. You can stake and unstake whenever you like.

Can I use both BSC and ETH to stake?

Yes, you can stake in both networks.

Which pools are available on each chain?

You can refer to

at any time to find the pools on each network.

How do I migrate from Uniswap?


Please note that migration is available only on the Ethereum network.

Is there a minimum number of ORN for staking?


If the Terminal went offline, how will I access my tokens and will they show again in my wallet?

Even if Terminal goes offline for a while, you can always can access your tokens via Etherscan / Bscscan.

Do I need to have tokens on BSC to be able to be a Liquidity Provider?

You need to have tokens in your desired network. If you want to become a Liquidity Provider on Binance Smart Chain, you need tokens on Binance Smart Chain. If you want to use the Ethereum network, then you need tokens on the Ethereum network.

Is there a minimum amount of assets that I have to provide to be a Liquidity Provider?

There's no minimum.

Will the rewards automatically compound?

No. Right now we don’t offer the auto compound. We will develop this moving forward.

Where will I be able to see how much liquidity I’m providing?


Click "Farming" tab and click on the pool.

You will see "Your pool share", as well as the amount of your tokens in the pool.

How do I withdraw from providing liquidity and will I be charged a fee?


Click the "Farming" tab and click on your chosen pool.

Use "Remove unstaked liquidity" to exit from pool.

If you have some LP tokens staked and want to remove ALL liquidity, first click the "Unstake" button to remove LP-tokens from staking.

You will pay only the blockchain fees (transaction fees).

If ORN's market price against the other pair sky rockets, will I lose all my ORN tokens?

No. You will receive less ORN tokens, but a greater amount of the opposite tokens.

What is impermanent loss and does it apply to being a liquidity provider?

Please read this article about impermanent loss:

Can I be both a Governance Staker and a Liquidity Provider at the same time?

You can, yes. There are no limitations.

Do I have to deposit my tokens into a smart contract?

Yes, a staking smart contract. This differs from the Terminal smart contract.

What will be the rough APR for the rewards?

It depends on many factors. The amount of staking participants is a major part.

If I change the liquidity pool will I be charged a fee every time I do? If so, will it be in ETH or BNB?

If you want to remove liquidity from one pool, and add to another pool, only the blockchain fees apply.

Please note that when you remove liquidity from the pool you will receive different token amounts than when you first deposited them due to the fluctuating nature of providing liquidity.

What happens if I don't have the MetaMask network set to BSC and I try and provide liquidity on the BSC chain? Will it work automatically on the backend?

It shouldn't be possible. If you choose a network, you work in this network.

Which chain does ORN/BTC run on? Is it wrapped BTC?

It will be Bitcoin, regardless. Bitcoin pools are supposed to be on both networks.

Will the Liquidity Provider pool end when the Main Net staking starts?

No, it is a part of the developing Orion ecosystem.

How many sets of fees will I be faced with to be a Liquidity Provider? Is it expensive?

If you're just want to be a Liquidity Provider:

1) You will pay a blockchain fee on adding liquidity.

2) You will RECEIVE a fee every time someone makes a trade, until you have withdrawn all the liquidity. Please note that your accumulated fee is paid at the moment of withdrawal of liquidity.

3) You will pay blockchain fee again on withdrawing liquidity.

Blockchain fees are relatively low, but it depends on the network load and on the exchange rate of the network's native token.

Please note that you will not receive the same amount of tokens that you added initially due to the fluctuating nature of providing liquidity.

Can I take part in more than one pool at once?

Yes, there are no limits.

Can I connect my Ledger Wallet directly to Pre-Stake or do I have to go through MetaMask?

You should use Metamask. Metamask allows you to safely and securely connect multiple hardware wallets.

Can I use the same selection of wallets I use on the Terminal to be a Liquidity Provider?

Yes, there are no limits.

If I'm providing liquidity, what happens if I disconnect my wallet and close down the computer?

If you've already added liquidity, don't worry, everything else will happen on the blockchain. You don't need to keep your computer or other device turned on all the time.

Can I still use my wallet to access and send tokens normally even if I am using it to be a Liquidity Provider?

Yes, of course.

Can I add more liquidity at a later date if I'm already a provider? How will I do that?

Yes, you can add liquidity at any time, just use the same process.

What is the role of governance voting?

The more people who vote for a certain pool, the more rewards will be received for users who have staked LP-tokens into that pool.

Can I use a hardware wallet to stake?

Yes. Please connect your hardware wallet to MetaMask and you can work with Orion in a safe and familiar way.

Can anyone steal my funds on this pool?

No. Your funds are as safe as smart contracts (and the blockchain as a whole) are. No one will be able to collect your funds unless you yourself lose your private key.

Can I trade on Orion Terminal or another DEX using the same wallet while I'm providing liquidity or being a Governance Staker?

Yes, of course.

Can I use both BSC and ETH to stake?

Yes (but on different networks you work with different pools).

Is there a minimum number of ORN for staking?

No. It's the same for any asset. There’s no min or max limits.

How many pools can I take part in?


Can I stake on my MetaMask and also through my Ledger either by itself or through MetaMask as well?

There are no limitations on this.

Is the pool staking in a secure smart contract?


Will the earned rewards compound or do I have to add more liquidity manually?

No, there’s no compound option right now. You should compound it manually if you prefer to do so. A small blockchain fee will be charged each time.

Are the rewards only claimed in ORN?

Yes, but you can immediately exchange the received ORN-s to your currency of choice via the Terminal.

Will I have to unstake or do any differently when it comes to full Main Net staking? Or will it be an automatic process?

Your staking will continue as normal.

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