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The main cause of failure in the crypto space? An under-developed ecosystem with a lack of sustainable revenue streams. Orion Enterprise exists to help businesses in the space build sustainable, decentralized ecosystems, giving you the growth you need to survive.

Our DeFi products provide solutions to a wide range of businesses, from our DEX launch kit for blockchains and Liquidity Boost Plugin for exchanges, to our Enterprise Trade Widget for crypto projects with non-crypto clients.


Orion Blockchain DEX Kit.

Blockchains need an ecosystem to be sustainable, but building your own DEX can be extremely costly and time consuming. Our DEX Kit allows you to build decentralized exchanges, specific to your chain, in just hours.



Orion Liquidity Boost Plugin.

Having low volume will doom an exchange from day one, regardless of the cost, development hours, and business development that went into building it. We enable unmatched liquidity and volume on your exchange immediately, from the largest centralized and decentralized exchanges in the world.



Orion Enterprise Trade Widget.

Even non-blockchain companies see that crypto is the future. Orion's Enterprise Trade Widget is the most efficient way for you to serve enterprise clients: eliminating the barrier between your token and client.

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