How to Migrate Liquidity From Orion's Liquidity Mining to Orion Pool.


To begin with, make sure you have some ETH in your wallet to cover the gas costs of the migration.


      Step One: Connect Your Wallet

  1. Connect your MetaMask wallet to the Ethereum Mainnet.

    new 1 hand-1
  2. Open the Orion Terminal:

    new 2
  3. On the left panel, choose “Add Wallet“.

    new 3 hand
  4. Select the Ethereum network.

    new 4 hand
  5. Choose your preferred wallet.

      new 5 hand

    Step Two: Migrating From Uniswap

    1. Choose the “Pools” icon from the left panel.


    new 6 hand

    2. Click for the “Migrate & Stake” tab on the top right corner.


    new 7 hand

    3. Press the “Unstake” button.

    new 8 hand

    4. "Confirm" the transaction in your wallet.

    new hand confirm

    5. Press the “Approve” button.

    new 10 hand

    6. Click to confirm the wallet notification.

    new 9 hand

    7. Press the "Migrate" button.

    new 11 hand

    8. Confirm the wallet transaction.

    new 12 hand

    9. View the “Uniswap Liquidity migrated” notification.

    new 14 hand


You have successfully migrated your tokens over to Orion Pool.


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