Endless liquidity to your exchange, immediately.


Install our API adapter into your exchange's infrastructure. 


Connect your in-house order books to Orion. All orders will first try to execute internally, but if more liquidity or a better price is available elsewhere, we'll fulfill the orders.   


Configure the parameters, including: trading fee value percentage, spread adjustment, and supported pairs or exchanges you want to integrate.


The plugin is completely seamless: your users continue to trade as if all orders get executed only on your exchange internally. Orion’s involvement will not be visible.   


Unmatched liquidity and volume to your exchange immediately, from the largest centralized and decentralized exchanges in the world.      

Non-Custodial Cross-Chain Trading.
Completely built on decentralized principles, supporting cross-chain trading with multiple blockchains via atomic-swaps technology.
Order Splitting and Smart Routing.
An order can be split into multiple parts and routed to different exchanges: always guaranteeing the best buy and sell order price.
Ability To Use Other DeFi Products.
Other DeFi products of the ecosystem can be used and easily integrated through the plugin, including lending, margin trading, trading signals, and more.
No Need To Open Accounts.
There’s no need to open and fund your account on different exchanges - all of this happens automatically through our Decentralized Brokerage.


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Let us show you how we can provide your exchange with endless liquidity.