How to Governance Stake with a Ledger device using Orion Pool


The setup process for using a Ledger (through MetaMask) to stake with Orion Pool is the most important part. Once you have the steps completed right up to the point of selecting the Pools icon to stake, the staking routine will remain the same as if you were just using MetaMask - except you will be signing the transaction confirmations on your physical wallet instead of via the notification on-screen.


Key Pointers:

- You will need a MetaMask wallet and also a Ledger hardware wallet.

- Set up your Ledger device beforehand (as per Ledger’s manufacturer’s instructions).

- The Ethereum app will need to be installed on your Ledger with a wallet account address.

- You will need both ORN and ETH in your ETH Ledger wallet address to stake.

- Although you are also using MetaMask to import the Ledger, the assets used will need to be sent to your Ethereum account/wallet address in Ledger Live. Once the hardware wallet is imported through MetaMask, your tokens will then appear in MetaMask under the hardware wallet account.

- In Ethereum app settings on your physical device, “Contract data - Allow contract data in transactions” must be set to “Allowed”.

- In this example we will use the Ledger wallet to connect through MetaMask on the ETH chain.

- Gas fees will be paid in ETH for the Ethereum chain and this guide will cover the Ethereum chain process for Orion Pool. 

- If the ETH transaction is taking an extended time to complete, you may have to use the  "Speed Up" button on MetaMask to increase the gas price in order for it to complete quicker.

- Ledger Live will need to be open and connected before you start due to an update in Chrome.

- Always update Ledger Live if required before you start.

- As well as having the MetaMask wallet set up with ORN as a custom token, the hardware wallet option which appears through the MetaMask interface (once you’ve connected your hardware wallet) will also need to be set up with the following details:

ETH ORN contract:       0x0258f474786ddfd37abce6df6bbb1dd5dfc4434a

Ticker: ORN

Decimals: 8

** Please note. Never send your tokens directly to a token contract address or they will be lost forever. The contract address is there to show authenticity of the token contract and to add as a custom token location to your wallet so it can read it.


With all that out of the way, let's get started with the Governance staking using your Ledger device through MetaMask. If you wish to be a Liquidity Provider, the same setup will apply except you will then follow the guidance of our Liquidity Provider tutorial for staking. The transactions are confirmed in ETH in your hardware wallet.

Step One: Setup

1. Open Ledger Live
Open Ledger Live

2. Connect your Ledger device by USB to your computer.

Connect wallet


 3. Enter your pin code and click both buttons to confirm.

Enter pin


 4. Navigate to the Ethereum app & press both buttons.

Eth and both buttons


5. The Ethereum app should be open on the Ledger device and in the "Application is ready" state.

App ready


6. Open your MetaMask wallet.

open metamask 2


7. Press "Connect Hardware Wallet".

** Once the hardware wallet is connected initially, the hardware account will automatically show next time you log in.
Connect Hardware Wallet 2


8. Under the “Connect” tab, choose Ledger, then Ledger Live and the account you wish to import.

Ledger Trezor 2


9. Click on the MetaMask icon in the browser, then click on the colored circle on the top right to show your connected accounts, then click on the Hardware Ledger address.

choose hardware wallet


10. Scroll down and choose "Add Token" in the "Assets" column.

add token


11. Click "Custom Token".

Custom token choose 2


12. Enter the ORN ETH address and click "Next".

ETH ORN contract:       0x0258f474786ddfd37abce6df6bbb1dd5dfc4434a

Ticker: ORN

Decimals: 8


Custom token 2


Step 2: Connecting your wallet

Now you have the setup prepared for the Ledger, the staking process itself will be similar to our other Orion Pool staking tutorials except you will be signing the transactions on your physical device instead of on-screen with a mouse.

At this point, Ledger Live should be open, and the ETH app should also be open on your device at the “Application is ready" screen.  “Contract data - Allow contract data in transactions” should be set to “Allowed” already in your physical device (ETH app > Settings). If not, you can do that now.


1. Sign in to your MetaMask wallet, choose your hardware wallet and select the Ethereum Mainnet network. 

Choose ETH Ledger

2. Open the Orion Terminal:



3. On the left panel, choose “Add Wallet“.

3 hand


4. Select the Ethereum network.

Choose ETH chain


5. Choose the MetaMask wallet option.

Choose MetaMask wallet


Step 3: How to Stake

For the purposes of this demonstration, please ignore the references to the BSC chain as they are from our previous staking tutorials as the process is the same. You will still be using the ETH chain for this guidance. ETH will be used as gas, and transactions will be signed in your hardware wallet.

1. On the left panel choose the “Pools” icon.

6 hand


2. Select the Governance tab.7 hand-2


3. Click the stake button.

8 hand-1


4. Enter the desired amount of ORN for staking.

9 hand-1


5. Click “ Approve”. 

10 hand-1


6. Scroll through and confirm the details and transaction on your Ledger device.

confirm transaction


7. Click the Stake button.

12 hand-1


8. Scroll through and confirm the details and transaction on your Ledger device.

confirm transaction

9. Your ORN will appear in the “Available for voting” section.

14 hand-1


Step 4: How to Vote With Your Stake

1. Choose one of the pools that you would like to vote for and press enter.

16 hand-1


2. Enter how much ORN you would like to use.

18 hand-1


3. Click vote.

19 hand


4. Scroll through and confirm the details and transaction on your Ledger device.

confirm transaction


5. Wait a short while, then in the Governance menu your ORN will show in the “In voting” section.

21 hand-1


You are now staking your ORN tokens via your Ledger hardware wallet using the Governance Staking method on Orion Pool.



To unstake, navigate to the Pools section on the left panel and then make sure the Governance tab is selected on the top right.

You need to first click the pool of your choice then change your vote to "0". This will allow you to progress to the next step which is unstaking. Without changing the vote to zero, it will not let you unstake, so that needs to be completed first.

Press the "Unstake" button and confirm the wallet notifications on your Ledger. To claim your rewards, simply press the claim button and follow the confirmation prompts on your hardware wallet.

Claimed and unstaked rewards will return back to your connected wallet once completed.

** Please note, if you want to complete this process using BSC ORN instead of ERC-20 ORN, BSC ORN tokens will NOT show on the Ledger Live ETH wallet if sent there. You would have to set up the Binance Smart Chain network in your MetaMask hardware wallet account and import through MetaMask to see them.

Always do test transactions with a very small amount of tokens first before trying anything new. If you aren't comfortable with not seeing your tokens in Ledger Live, then do NOT use the BSC ORN option - stick with ERC-20 ORN as per this guide.


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