Give non-blockchain clients access to your token.


Install Orion Enterprise Trade Widget on your site or platform using simple lines of code. 


Connect your bank account to receive fiat from non-blockchain clients. All tokens purchased by enterprise clients will go to your wallet for custody, eliminating the need for your clients to manage private keys.     


Each client that purchases tokens will have a credit available for use, allowing them to pay for your services without handling tokens or difficult transactions. You'll retain custody of the tokens, and will be sent an alert detailing the client, amount purchased, and the price paid. 


Orion Enterprise Trade Widget eliminates any friction by bridging the gap between non blockchain clients and crypto projects while still maintaining the interests of all parties, bringing crypto to the mainstream by facilitating token use in traditional business.   


Give non-blockchain clients access to your token, without the need for a treasury or reserve.

Quick, Seamless Token Purchase.
Non blockchain enterprise clients will enjoy seamless and quick token purchases from the open market at the best price without ever using an exchange.
Middle Layer Between Projects.
Orion provides a middle layer between crypto projects with utility tokens and all available liquidity of the token on the markets.
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Purchase Tokens Directly.
We enable enterprise clients to purchase tokens directly from the project’s platform or website by routing orders from all exchanges carrying the token, returning tokens for immediate use.
No Need For Exchanges.
No need for non-blockchain clients to go on to exchanges. No need for projects to maintain a treasury department. Keep the market sentiment favorable.

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