Phase Three of Orion's Orbit Test Net is now closed.

Orion Terminal is the flagship product of Orion Protocol: providing one singular and non-custodial gateway to the crypto industry. By aggregating every centralized exchange, decentralized exchange, and swap pool into one place, Orion Terminal will provide access to the liquidity, orderbook depth, and trading pairs of every exchange in market – in one decentralized platform.

Over the last four months, the Orion development team, led by Lead Blockchain Engineer Simon Kruse from Bounty0x, has been working on rewriting the trading terminal based on feedback from beta testing. The team have now fixed all bugs raised in the beta testing program, and integrated improvements from the community feedback, with a key focus on UI overhaul and a prioritization on mobile support.

Orion Protocol’s Private Main Net is currently being rigorously tested to a closed group of brokers for functionality and security optimization, with a focus on testing and optimizing performance, stability, security, and efficiency. Half a dozen inaugural brokers have already been onboarded to take part in Orion Protocol’s private main net, while their input will be rigorously tested with the speed and efficiency of each broker's output on the network used to gauge future performance. Initial volume will be monitored and analyzed to determine the gradual addition of subsequent brokers in the queue to be onboarded to the platform. With near full-functionality, this milestone is the final phase prior to Orion Terminal’s public launch this quarter.

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So far, 500+ submissions have been received and feedback has been integral to the successful launch of private main net to our inaugural brokers. A small overview of what the dev team are currently working on or have already completed:

  • Change of the infrastructure and merging of services for better scaling, maintenance and reliability.
  • Collateral implementation for the Exchange Contract (currently only for brokers)
  • Improvement of the broker protocol based on feedback from the brokers.
  • Improvement of the UI, especially the deposit/withdraw workflow.

Learn more about the terminal here, and find a 'Beginner's Guide' to using it here

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