Phase Three of Orion's Orbit Test Net is now live.

Orion Terminal is the flagship product of Orion Protocol: providing one singular and non-custodial gateway to the crypto industry. By aggregating every centralized exchange, decentralized exchange, and swap pool into one place, Orion Terminal will provide access to the liquidity, orderbook depth, and trading pairs of every exchange in market – in one decentralized platform.

Over the last two months, the Orion development team, led by Lead Blockchain Engineer Simon Kruse from Bounty0x, have been working on rewriting the trading terminal based on feedback from beta testing. The team have now fixed most bugs raised in the beta testing program, and integrated improvements from the community feedback.

The third phase of the terminal is now live, with a key focus on UI overhaul and a prioritization on mobile support. Orion's native ORN token has been added to the terminal.


testnetclearest copy-1

Meanwhile, the team is making progress integrating the Elrond blockchain:

  • Implemented deposit/withdrawal of ERD and assets
  • Implemented ERD trade functionality: fill/cancel/update
  • Implemented methods for determining ERD balances and trade status
  • Implementation of different models, such as an order model with encoding, decoding and validation functionality for ERD
  • Signature validation, implementation of the order fee, and writing further tests
  • Implementation of the exchange logic for the Elrond blockchain

A number of additional updates will be taking place:

  • Adding more wallet connections (Keybase, Private Key, etc)
  • Integration of further trading pairs/exchanges (incl. ORN)
  • Improving backend services and infrastructure
  • Russian has been added, Spanish and Mandarin will be added soon

Testers are invited to join Orion's Bug Hunter Program with a $10,000 USDT reward pool for the most intricate bugs. Sign up below to start using the terminal.

Learn more about the terminal here, and find a 'Beginner's Guide' to using it here

Apply below to join Orion Terminal's Orbit Test Net.