Create your own chain-specific DEX in just hours.


Customize UI components to create your own branding.  Setup your trading parameters, including order fees, transaction fees, matcher address, and relayer strategy.


Write a custom coded connector or use pre-defined abstracting blockchain operations to create a bespoke blockchain plugin.   


Integrate a Wallet for a specific blockchain. Implement smart contracts for atomic swaps.  


Connect to Orion's Decentralized Brokerage for enhancing liquidity and filling order books from market makers.    


The easiest way to build your own decentralized crypto exchange on different chains.

Robust, specific to your chain, created in hours.

Out of the Box UI Components.
Highly customized React UI trading components including Order Book, Real Time Charts, Order and Trade History, Wallet and Portfolio Management.
Enhanced Liquidity.
Enhanced liquidity supplied from centralized and decentralized exchanges on the market.
Cross-Chain Trading.
Support for an extensive list of cryptocurrencies from the top 100 of CoinMarketCap, as well as ERC20, NEO, Waves, WAN, and other custom assets.
Wallet Integration.
Integration with software and hardware wallets, including browser extensions such as MetaMask, Nash, Waves, Keeper, and others.

Let us show you how we can build a decentralized exchange specific to your chain.

Discover the Orion Enterprise solution that's right for your business.