+ Pool already created on Orion Pool? Learn how to add liquidity.

1. Go to trade.orionprotocol.io/pools 

2. Click on your chosen pool.

3. Click 'Add liquidity and get LP tokens'.

4. Input the amount of matched assets you would like to provide.

5. Click Supply, then approve in your wallet.

Your liquidity has been added to the pool! You will now earn 0.3% on the pool fees. 

If farming gets enabled for your pool, learn how to farm here.


+ Creating a new Pool? Learn how below.

1. Go to trade.orionprotocol.io/pools 

2. Click the “Add Pool” button (trade.orionprotocol.io/add-pool)

3. Add your token

  • Token currently listed on Orion Terminal? Choose from existing tokens e.g. ORN, USDT, ETH, BNB etc.
  • Token not listed on Orion Terminal? Paste in the token addresses for the respective chain.
  • While you can pair your asset with any other asset, we recommend pairing it with USDT for full functionality across the terminal.
  • Assets paired with USDT will be added across the entire Orion ecosystem: Orion Terminal, Orion Swap, and Orion Pool.
  • Assets paired with BNB, ETH, ORN, etc, will be added across Orion Swap and Orion Pool (for now).

4. Upload a new icon if you’re adding a pool for a completely new token that doesn't exist on Orion yet.

5. Create a new pool by signing and sending the transaction

6. Wait for the transaction to be confirmed

7. Add liquidity to the newly created pool.

Save the address of the pool, this address is also the LP token address for the Farming contract (_stakingToken)

8. Approve the tokens and sign/submit the transactions for adding liquidity.

This step may require up to 3 transactions, please wait for all transactions to be confirmed.

Please note, pair creation is a smart contract deployment, and as such consumes higher gas than usual.

That said, we've also had reports of MetaMask increasing the 'suggested' gas fee. Please feel free to edit this for a more reasonable gas fee.


9. Now, your pool has been submitted for review to be added in Orion Terminal.



Learn more below.

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